The monthly site traffic function is usually known as data transfer or bandwidth as well, still all of the abovementioned names apply to the same thing - how much information can be transferred to and from your shared website hosting account. The site traffic can be generated in just two ways, the more obvious one being web site visits. If someone visits your website, their web browser requests and downloads the web pages from your hosting server and then shows them on their end. The more site visitors you have, the more outgoing traffic is generated from your hosting account. Due to the fact that this characteristic includes the entire site traffic, not just the website visits, you shouldn't forget that inward traffic is counted as well. Which means that site content along with other files that you upload to the account through a file manager or an FTP application are measured towards the account quota. The transfer is usually monitored monthly and the counter resets on the very first day of each and every month whatever your actual registration date.
Monthly Traffic in Shared Website Hosting
Our Linux shared website hosting were created with the notion to handle the site traffic made by any web site that can function in such an account. In case you currently have one or a few different small-scale or medium-sized sites, you won't be limited by the monthly site traffic allowance regardless of what content you have - plain text or lots of images, for example. The stats in the hosting Control Panel gives you detailed information about the traffic generated by each and every web site plus the amount for your account altogether. The figures are updated live and show both the everyday and the monthly usage, thus you will know how much info is transferred to and from the website hosting account anytime. The very first day of each and every month the counter is reset, but you will be able to see the website traffic stats for the past months, which will show you how your websites perform.
Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Our semi-dedicated server plans are very powerful so you can operate many web sites in one account. The monthly traffic characteristic matches that power, thus what you'll receive is a web hosting account with truly limitless data transfer. For this reason, your websites can grow as much as it is possible with this type of website hosting and you can have as many visitors as you want. For better site and account management, you will be able to see how much traffic each of your websites generates, still we will never place a restriction. For your convenience, you can view monthly, daily and hourly numbers along with the particular webpages that are visited the most, or files that are downloaded the most. With our semi-dedicated hosting plans, you'll never concern yourself with hitting a traffic cap and you are able to focus on developing your web sites and receiving more visitors.
Monthly Traffic in VPS
With each virtual private server plan that you will find here, we provide a different monthly website traffic allowance that depends on how powerful your server is. Thus, we can keep the lower-end packages cheaper and provide you with the opportunity to select the plan you need depending on your budget as well as your resource needs. Updating from one plan to another is very simple and usually takes just a few mouse-clicks in your VPS billing Control Panel, thus when you start getting more website visitors at some point and you need a larger website traffic quota, you are able to transfer to a better package anytime. We will notify you whenever you reach 90% of your monthly allowance, so that you'll have sufficient time either to update or to optimise your websites, to lower the outgoing traffic. Our VPS plans also come with a server management panel where you can see the amount of website traffic has already been used for the present month and what amount is left until you reach the allowance limit.
Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Hosting
Taking into consideration how powerful all our Linux dedicated hosting are, the data transfer that you will have each and every month will be sufficient for any kind of web site regardless of the amount of its visitors, even if you provide file or image hosting. You will get an allowance of terabytes of site traffic every month and because you will not share the server with others, that quota will be available just for your websites and web apps. We'll let you know if you reach 90% of your quota which means that you will be able to react and either optimize your sites to lessen the website traffic they make, or extend the limit. It's highly unlikely that you will ever need more than what we will offer you, yet we will not stop the development of your websites, so we leave the chance to include more traffic open. The dedicated server packages feature an administration panel where you'll be able to see the amount of traffic has been produced to date for the current month and how much is left until you reach the restriction. Due to the fact that these figures feature software setups as well as any updates, they're more clear compared to numerous hosting Control Panel stats that include just the traffic made by sites.